PESL will support your business in achieving timely delivery of critical materials and equipment while you concentrate on other important areas of your business relying on our experience of supplier capability assessments gained through previous global sourcing practices and project management involvements.

Our team is capable of working in a fast paced and satisfying multiple customers at the same time and our ability to source from international markets enables us to obtain the most competitive pricing for our clients and to achieve the shortest possible lead times.

Supplier Evaluation & Capability Assessment

PESL will help clients implement strategies to strengthen the capabilities of existing suppliers and to find reliable and capable alternatives with poise in line with clients’ requirement.

We will verify the capability to understand and communicate product design to a view to ensuring compliance of product to specifications. Our onsite inspection in collaboration with world class inspection houses will present a robust overview of supplier's operations, production capabilities, QC processes and management of the supplier in accordance to ISO 9000: 2015

Assessment Levels

  • Factory Overview
  • Facility and Personnel Competence
  • Key Clients and Feedback
  • Product and Production Capabilities
  • Management Systems and Accreditations
  • Quality Control Management and Development / Expansion Plans

Expediting & Delivery Assurance

PESL will interface between your project and manufacturer(s) of capital equipment and assets. We will support your projects in time management and supervision of manufacturing process by provide on-site expediting services to ensure compliance with the contract terms relating to delivery date(s) and document submissions.